'Little Bohemians' #3: ~ Sterling ~

Sterling was originally a Takara Bohemian Peace (RBL). The following work was done on her:
  • Face matte sanded
  • Carving: lips, nostrils, philtrum, rounded nose
  • Gaze correction / eyes boggled / sleep eyes
  • New black natural eyelashes
  • 3 new sets of eyechips: black/green, chestnut, chamoisee; and her original burgundy eyes
  • Eye lids given a warm caramel brown color with high quality pastel chalks
  • New brown and caramel eyeshadow, rosey blush, and realistic shading
  • Lips colored with fine watercolor pencil details, and glossed
  • All make-up was well sealed with several layers of MSC UV-cut flat
  • Her hair was cut with bangs, and styled into soft, loose curls

Sterling wears her very own OOAK 'Little Bohemians' outfit, that was lovingly designed and made especially for her by me. The outfit includes:
  • sweet dress made of rose print cotton that was carefully tea-dyed for an antique look, with a ruffled peplum and wide skirt with bows, brown lace inset and 3/4 sleeves
  • brown striped bloomers with elastic waist and ruffled hems
  • an enchanting, 'primitive' deer hat, made of brown leatherette with large ears, wool felt antlers, and decorative top stitching and details. Fully lined with matching cotton fabrics, and fluffy pom poms on the straps
  • a pair of dark brown leather, lace-up boots

All "Little Bohemians" come with their own special pull string: a satin ribbon with a hand-made, bronze framed glass cabochon pendant, picturing an antique botanical print of their birth flower.
For Sterling this is Sweet Pea, the April birth flower that symbolizes 'modesty and simplicity'.
A second satin ribbon with a hand-made Zolala! signature cabochon is added for the sleep eyes feature.

Sterling was adopted on April 20, 2013 ♥


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