'Little Bohemians' #2: ~ Laska ~

Laska was originally a Takara Simply Vanilla (FBL). The following work was done on her:
  • Face matte sanded
  • Carving: lips, nostrils, philtrum, rounded nose
  • Gaze correction / eyes boggled / sleep eyes
  • New black natural eyelashes
  • 4 new sets of eyechips: plum, steel blue, caramel, and asparagus
  • Eye lids given a pale rosey brown color with high quality pastel chalks
  • New rosey brown eyeshadow, pink blush, and realistic shading
  • A sprinkle of light freckles dusted across the nose and upper cheeks
  • Lips colored with fine watercolor pencil details, and glossed
  • All make-up was well sealed with several layers of MSC UV-cut flat
  • Her hair was cut into a sweet 1920s bob style

Laska wears her very own OOAK 'Little Bohemians' outfit, that was lovingly designed and made especially for her by me. The outfit includes:
  • a gorgeous, delicate Art Nouveau cotton drop-waist dress with cute little collar and 3/4 sleeves
  • a green/grey striped, long sleeved sweater and matching socks
  • a whimsical Cloche hat, made of dark brown wool felt and embellished with vintage silk flowers, a fluffy marabou feather, and distressed satin ribbons and bows, all in the colors of her dress
  • a pair of grey suede, lace-up mountain boots
  • a bronze necklace with a filigree leaf pendant

All "Little Bohemians" come with their own special pull string: a satin ribbon with a hand-made, bronze framed glass cabochon pendant, picturing an antique botanical print of their birth flower.
For Laska this is Primrose, the February birth flower that symbolizes 'modesty, distinction, and virtue'.
A second satin ribbon with a hand-made Zolala! signature cabochon is added for the sleep eyes feature.

Laska was adopted on March 20, 2013 ♥


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