Welcome to Little Bohemians by Zolala!

Here you will find my custom Blythe dolls, modeling irresistibly charming costumes and hats that were lovingly designed and made especially for them - often inspired by the Edwardian Era, 'La Belle Époque', and 'Haut Bohème'.
The girls are a bunch of free spirits, and my artistic muses. I hope you love their enchanting fashions as much as I love to create them! ♥

My shop Zolala! opened in 2006, and what started as a hobby is now my full-time home business. I make my own patterns for all my items, and try to be creative and original in my designs. I take great pride in the quality of my work and attention to detail, and continually strive to improve my skills.
This page features a collection of my Little Bohemians made-to-order items, OOAK outfits and hats, and limited editions. Please click the pictures on the right for more photos and purchasing information.
(Obviously, my little models are not for sale.)

If you like to keep track of my activities 'behind the scene', please check out my Facebook page. It's the place where I post most about current work in progress or sneak peeks. You're more than welcome to stop by for a visit!

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Tzigane Dresses
sold out
- "Potpourri" Black & Pink -

Floral Jubilee Hats
- 4 styles -

Pastiche Dresses
- 7 styles -

Zingaro Fedora Hats
- 3 colors -

Fandango Sarouel Pants
- 6 colors -

Fandango Sweaters
- 6 colors -

Babydoll Playsuits
- 8 colors -

Patchwork Jackets
- 3 colors -

Patchwork Scarves
- 3 colors -

Hobo Hessian Hats
Made-to-order | 5 colors

Bohemian Chic Union Suits
Made-to-order | 8 colors

L'Artisane Dress Sets
Made-to-order | 3 colors
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